Sunday, 23 January 2011

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Monday 24 January

BSF Judicial Review (- from Leader Chris Robbins' weekly report):

". . . the BSF judicial review . . .is due to take place from Monday 24 January. The key points of this review are:

1/ The government withdrew in excess of £25M
2/ 19 schools have been affected, 17 secondary and 2 primary
3/ The government took no steps to speak to Waltham Forest to find out what the effect of the withdrawal of BSF money would have
4/ No alternative proposals have been put to our borough to replace the BSF programme
5/ Waltham Forest needs to find 500 extra places in secondary places in schools by 2015 and BSF was going to answer that problem
6/ We had already spent £17M on land acquisition, preparing design work and holding public consultation which we can ill afford to spend

We have strong support from the schools community and from our residents to pursue this review as it is the only option open to us. 5 other boroughs are also taking the same action."

Thursday 27th - Walthamstow CLP General Committee meeting - more details on the calendar page

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