Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Where Stella stands

In an email to local residents this week Stella Creasy - who is standing to be re-elected MP for Walthamstow - said "You’ve written to me about a wide range of issues – from the importance of tackling the climate change emergency to fox hunting and fur use, the scope of the domestic abuse bill, the future of the NHS and school cuts. ....... I wanted to let you know the following:

1.     On climate change I have been working closely with Extinction Rebellion for some time on how to secure a citizens assembly on how we can involve the public in achieving a zero carbon target by 2030. I believe the next parliament must prioritise action both on this target and public engagement in addressing the climate emergency and will support measures to achieve this outcome.

2.     The domestic abuse bill is something I have long campaigned for and been seeking to amend to strengthen- including making sure we meet the conditions of the Istanbul convention on gendered violence and including refugees and migrants in this legislation. I fully support the campaign to address the use of ‘consent’ as a defence to violent injury or abuse of women.

3.     I share the concerns of many about the impact of any Brexit deal that would enable a free trade deal which includes the NHS and believe any such deal must be vigorously opposed as a result. I fight to keep us in the European Union and to protect freedom of movement which has been so beneficial to the NHS.   I’ve also been working with a range of organisations to raise my concerns about the NHS finances – in particular about how we can address the impact of PFI on the future financial stability of Whipps Cross – and will continue to push for preventative healthcare services to be funded to help improve the long term mental and physical health of all residents. A proper pay rise for staff in the NHS is just the start; we must also address the pernicious effect of the immigration surcharge on the good health of our local workforce as well as local community.

4.     My track record as MP shows I have been a strong advocate of animal welfare and reforms to improve animal welfare – whether supporting the ban on fox hunting to moves to outlaw cruel practices including the sale of fur. If re-elected I will continue to support all efforts to ensure cruelty free farming and humane animal treatment.

5.     Tackling the consequences of the national housing shortage is crucial to addressing many of the causes of poverty and destabilisation in our community- that must mean an end to Section 21 evictions and right to buy and right to rent checks, as well as rent controls and building thousands of new social and council homes across the country.

6.     Our schools – like our hospitals- have been struggling with PFI repayments and massive cuts to their budgets (with some in Walthamstow facing cuts next year of over £500 per pupil) So too our local SEND services urgently need investment. If re-elected I will join with other Labour colleagues to fight for funding cuts to be reversed and for increased SEND in borough provision locally too. I will also support measures to improve support for kinship carers.

7.     I’ve long been a proponent of electoral and democratic reform- whether changing our voting system to AV+, to House of Lords reform or the use of citizens assemblies to bring the public into parliamentary decision making. Most recently I lead efforts to prevent the Government undermining parliament by denying the ability of amendments to be made to legislation, and fought for EU citizens and for 16 and 17 year olds to be given the vote in this election. I will continue to support and campaign for such measures if re-elected.

8.     I will defend and celebrate the work and funding provided for international development, including protecting the commitment made to spend 0.7% of national income on overseas aid. As a proponent of the dubs amendment and active supporter of Help Refugees I will continue to fight for the rights of refugees and for the pledge made by the Dubs amendment to children in Europe to be honoured."