Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Voter ID & community organising – how to do both: Stella Creasy on LabourList

Writing on the LabourList blog Walthamstow's MP Stella Creasy says: "We know that voter ID has a great track record of winning us elections. We also know that community organising has brought energy and innovation to our campaigning. For too long, debates have artificially separated them – when the truth is that any form of effective campaigning requires good data to succeed. Our future lies in understanding how we can better marry the two. . . . . . 

"There isn’t a quick fix or ‘digital’ silver bullet that will restore Labour’s relationship with the electorate overnight. But if I am elected as Labour’s next Deputy Leader I would prioritise developing the most up to date software and methods to benefit members and organisers everywhere. . . . . . 
Stella Creasy, with Walthamstow members, campaigning for Joan Ryan in Enfield North
"Some CLPs have proactive systems for following up issues locally, but this information is seldom used beyond this initial action. There is no culture of ‘two way’ traffic – of issues gathered at the grassroots being fed back to the centre to shape campaigns and vice versa. . . . . . 

"In Walthamstow, a community where 50% of residents move during an electoral cycle, we developed a data management system called Network Maker to enable us to map out the relationships residents have, not just with Labour, but also with each other. Campaigning in this way helps increase the chances in a transitory community of connecting with more people. . . . . . 

"As Deputy Leader I will make valuing members’ time and intelligence a priority, using not just new technologies but new techniques to help us win in 2020. There is not a moment to lose."

Monday, 22 June 2015

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Monday 22nd June - in parliament for the Education and Adoption Bill second reading 
  • Friday 26th June- participating in the Black and Ethnic Minority members hustings for the Labour Deputy Leadership 
  • Saturday 27th June- participating in the Labour Deputy Leadership hustings in Birmingham
  • Sunday 28th June- participating in the Labour Deputy Leadership Hustings in Nottingham 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

"Over 100 local councillors endorse Stella Creasy as deputy leader of the Labour party" New Statesman

This week's New Statesman carries an article detailing an open letter it has received in which "Over 100 local Labour councillors have endorsed Stella Creasy as deputy leader".

According to the councillors, who represent wards all over the country, "The outcome of the election showed that we can't simply rely on old methods to deliver the right result in 2020. We must embrace new ways of doing things, invest in new technology and online campaigning techniques.

We need a deputy leader who understands this. Someone who lives the role of 'Campaigner-in-Chief'. We believe Stella Creasy is that person."