Wednesday, 19 April 2017

'I will never stop working for Walthamstow' - Stella Creasy MP

Following yesterday's announcement Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy wrote to all local Labour Party members:

"Today Theresa May has given us the opportunity to give this country and this community what it needs and deserves: a Labour Government.

Whatever the Tories throw at us I will never stop working for Walthamstow.

Ahead of a General Election on June 8th, I’m asking for your help and your voice to speak up for the following:
  • An open and proud country which seeks to cooperate with our European neighbours – not close the door to investment, jobs and talent. I voted against the Article 50 legislation to send a message to Theresa May that abandoning the single market was wrong – now we need to send a message to this country that Labour will not let Tories lead Britain to a hard Brexit.
  • The healthcare and housing our community desperately needs - cuts to health and social care are hurting many in our community, and too many people in Walthamstow are struggling to keep a roof above their heads. We urgently need investment in social housing as well as to tackle the rental and property market, and to ensure people not profits are at the centre of our NHS.
  • Our local schools face budget cuts of up to 20% and many of our young people are struggling to stay in university or college. Local potential is going to waste. With more than one in ten residents self employed, it's vital for the future of our economy and our education to invest in skills and support services to help them succeed. Whilst Tories have cut this funding, Labour must lead the fight for an education service and economy fit for the 21st century.
I’m asking you now to join us fighting for our shared values and for our shared ambitions for Walthamstow and for our nation - whether helping deliver leaflets, donating time or money or being part of our teams out helping support Labour in marginal areas, it is our members and supporters who can make a deliver a different future for Britain.

If you want to be part of this fight please email with the best contact number for you and someone will call you shortly to discuss how best you can help.

Thank you for your support – together we can show Britain has a better future with Labour.
Stella Creasy MP
Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow

p.s. Help us make sure everyone in Walthamstow eligible to vote can do so by sharing this link to register to vote online

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Tuesday 18th April - returning to parliament to take part in the Finance Bill debates on the Government's budget plans, and to host a women's leadership workshop. To book your place on the Circular Firing Up Squad which will take place at 6.30pm in parliament please email.
  • Wednesday 19th April - attending the Freedom of Expression Awards to support the work of the Index on Censorship.
  • Thursday 20th April - working with the refugee charity Flying Seagull to promote their work, and then attending a ceremony to thank the Dolphin Housing leadership team for investing in Butterfields in Walthamstow. 
  • Friday 21st April - visiting Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College to meet with pupils. 
  • Saturday 22nd April - speaking at the Cosmopolitan Magazine Self Made Summit to support women's leadership. 
  • Sunday 23rd April - campaigning in the local elections in Witney and Oxford, as well as supporting a refugee charity event in the city.