Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Healthy E17 and Home Sweet Home Update

In her latest newsletter Stella Creasy writes:
Hello! As your MP I'm writing to ask for your help with the following actions:

Please help us highlight the good and bad in our local landlords, letting agent and estate agents by nominating them for one of our E17 Local Living: SOS Awards. This is part of our Home Sweet Home Campaign to tackle some of the problems residents in Walthamstow face securing housing. We've split the awards up into four categories:

Click here to nominate a Letting Agent

Click here to nominate an Estate Agent
Click here to nominate a Social Housing Provider
Click here to nominate a Landlord

All nominations are confidential - categories include topics such as from 'Best' and 'Worst' letting agent, 'best' or worst' offer to completion and even 'Most Inventive Excuse’!

There will be a meeting on Wednesday 30 July between 7-8.30pm in central Walthamstow to discuss these awards and plan a day of action on Saturday 9 August in Walthamstow to highlight our concerns about housing in the area. If you would like to attend this discussion or help with this day of action please contact Ruby in my team on 020 8521 1223 or ruby@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk.

Furthermore if you have experience of contacting Clarke Hillyer letting agents and free on Friday 1 August please reply to this email.

Already our work together on these matters is starting to yield results - with your help we can do even more to make sure everyone in Walthamstow has access to good quality healthcare and housing!

Stella Creasy
Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow
(the deadline for entries is September 1 2014.)

Home Sweet Home - Stella Creasy MP awards best & worst landlords

A new set of awards will be handed out later this year to the best and worst housing providers in Walthamstow. Social housing providers, letting agents and estate agents can all be nominated in categories including the ‘most inventive excuse’ given to tenants. Stella Creasy MP has organised the 'E17 Local Living: SOS' Awards as a part of her Home Sweet Home campaign to improve the lives of people in the borough.

(The deadline for nomination is September 1.)

Do you have story to tell about finding your 'home sweet home'? Complete one of the Home Sweet Home online surveys:

For letting agents

For estate agents (ie buying and selling property)

For social housing

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

  • Monday 14th July - meeting with new councillors in Walthamstow to discuss how we can collaborate to improve the service to Walthamstow residents 
  • Tuesday 15th July – attending parliament for the debate on the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill 
  • Thursday 16th July – Holding one of my advice surgeries for Walthamstow residents- to make an appointment to attend a surgery please call 020 8521 1223 
  • Friday 17 July - Sunday 19 July – Attending the Labour Party National Policy Forum in Milton Keynes

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cabinet meeting on Compulsory Purchase of EMD

COMPULSORY PURCHASE MEETING: 15th July from 6.30pm at Walthamstow School for Girls, Church Hill, E17 9RZ

The original auditorium of the Granada / EMD
Council cabinet members will vote on whether to proceed with a Compulsory Purchase of the EMD/Granada - the meeting is open to the public (aim to arrive from 6pm - entrance via main school reception entrance). 

This is in the Girls School rather than the Town Hall as previous meetings about the cinema's future have been heavily attended. Come and give your support if you can - so the cabinet know that our community very strongly backs their decision to press ahead with the CPO process

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

  • Friday 4th July – Attending the Shakir Ali 14th memorial Trust AGM 
  • Saturday 5th July - joining Bridget Christie at the Rose and Crown for the Red Imp Comedy Evening 
  • Sunday 6th July – dropping into the Chewton Road Street party and then taking part in a local discussion forum for young people about employment at All Saints Church, 47 Melbourne Road, E10 7HF. All welcome from 6pm. 
  • Monday 7th July – Watching the Tour de France pass through Walthamstow and then attending Audacity, Talent Rising Conference in central London
  • Thursday 10th July – Hosting the E17 Public Health and Sport event in Walthamstow. If you are a sports club and would like to attend please contact Clark in my team for more details.