Sunday, 28 September 2014

Mini Holland trial closures map and route suggestions

The main aim of the trial scheme (which lasts till 13 October) is to test the effects of preventing cars using the Village as a through route, so if you're on say Hoe Street and want to get to Shernhall Street your best bet is to go via Church Hill or Lea Bridge Road, and to get from Church Hill to Lea Bridge Road go via Shernhall Street or Hoe Street.

There are no village through routes (although you can 'cut some corners' - eg Merton Road to Barclay Road - that are probably more trouble than they're worth)

(for destinations within the trial area such as the shops on Orford Road)
  • you can park on the upper half of Orford Road, or 
  • if you have an ME residents permit you can park on streets nearby such as East Avenue or Eden Road. 

  • Church Lane - takes you to East Avenue via Vestry Road 
  • or at the other end enter Grove Road and then to Beulah Road 
  • Take one of the side roads on the north side and go to Grove Road then turn onto Beulah Road where you can now go straight up to Orford Road 
  • enter from Second Avenue or 
  • Third Avenue or 
  • Orford Road or 
  • Grosvenor Park Road 
  • (but not Grove Road) 
FROM CHURCH HILL - no access.

Hot Topic: Local - The Mini Holland Road Closures - Stella Creasy MP

In her weekly newsletter Stella Creasy MP comments on the trial of road closures in the Walthamstow Village area:

"Back in March 2014, Waltham Forest was successful in its bid to the Mayor of London for £30m to fund a Mini Holland cycling programme. This is designed to radically improve the borough’s cycling infrastructure and so make it much more likely people will cycle around our area. The plan is to create a 'network of cycle-friendly home zones' though greening, traffic calming and closing off rat-runs around our area where cars drive through the area without stopping, and so improving the experience for cyclists.

This week sees the start of a trial of two weeks of road closures around the Walthamstow village area to test these principles. As MP I have not been involved in designing any of these proposals, and I recognise that the initial consultation has not been conducted well, as many residents have been in touch to express their anger and frustration with these plans.

As someone with an office in the area affected and who regularly cycles, walks and drives in the village area many of the suggestions residents have made look like they would improve this plan- and some frankly may not! However, having spoken to them, I also know the councillors are keen for residents to feed in their ideas so that at the end of this trial these plans can be strongly influenced by local knowledge.

Therefore please do ensure you email your thoughts on what is- and isn't working - to or visit the council officers who will be holding drop in sessions on every day of the trial in the Asian Centre on Orford Road between 2-7pm. If you do not get an acknowledgement of your feedback or have difficulty finding these sessions please email me and my team and I will ensure your views are included in their consultation.

I know that ability to park, drive and cycle safely as well as council consultations can engender strong feelings for many - I hope residents can remain calm and use the consultation process to express their opinions as the most constructive place for this debate!"

You can see the LBWF map of the trial area here

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 21 September to Wednesday 24 September - attending the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Please note my constituency office will remain open during this time except on Monday 22 September when it will be closed in the morning due to staff shortages
  • Thursday 25 September attending the launch of the first Walthamstow Beer as brewed from hops grown by local residents at the Rose and Crown Pub on Hoe Street. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 13th September – Holding on of my regular surgeries in The Mall shopping centre in Walthamstow between 12.30 and 2pm and then attending the Oakfield Street Party. Please note any Walthamstow resident can attend this surgery so no appointment is necessary, however this means it is not suitable for the detailed discussion of personal and private matters. If you wish to make an appointment at a pre-booked surgery please call 020 8521 1223
  • Monday 15th September - please note my office is closed for staff training 
  • Thursday 18th September- meeting with ministers as part of the campaign for Justice for Tyrell and supporting the campaign to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom in the referendum 
  • Saturday 21 September to Thursday 25 September - attending the Labour Party conference in Manchester. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Friday 5 September - attending parliament to vote to try to end the Bedroom Tax and then attending the re-opening of Stoneydown Park School
  • Saturday 6 September -campaigning and running circular firing up squads to support women's leadership in Harrow and Ealing. All women welcome.
  • Monday 8th September –  Due to staff training please note my office will be closed on Monday and will open again on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday 9th September – Taking part in Justice questions to raise concerns about how the victims of crime are treated
  • Wednesday 10th September – Speaking about consumer rights,  competition and regulation across sectors at an event in Central London
  • Thursday 11th September – Attending BIS questions 
  • Friday 12th September – Attending a debate in Parliament to support the bill to protect international aid
  • Saturday 13th September – Holding one of my regular surgeries in The Mall and then attending the Oakfield Street Party. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Trial closure of Orford Road (retail stretch) public meeting 15 Sept, Asian Centre, 7pm

Councillor for Hoe St ward Saima Mahmud writes:

"I’m sure you've heard about the Mini Holland funding that the Council has successfully secured to make it safer and easier for cyclists and pedestrians to use our roads.

A significant amount of the funding will be used to address the huge rat-run problem that is affecting roads such as Orford Road, Grove Road and Pembroke Road. The Council is exploring different options and have decided to trial a closure of Orford Road (the retail stretch of Orford Road) to see if it is something that residents would like to see happen permanently. The trial period will be from 26th September until 13th October 2014.

The Council has organised a public meeting to be held on Monday, 15th September 7-9pm at the Asian Centre, 18A Orford Rd, London E17 9LN. This will be an opportunity for residents to learn more about the trial and the aims of the trial – to create a better environment for cyclists and pedestrians. We believe that a knock-on effect would be greater footfall in the area and this could only help to boost the local economy."

Monday, 1 September 2014

Leyton & Wanstead fundraiser with the Mirror's Kevin Maguire, 11 September

Join KEVIN MAGUIRE, Associate editor of the Daily Mirror and politics columnist, for a great night out at the Star of India with L&W and Halesowen and Rowley Regis CLPs. £25 Per Ticket - to book call 07940702951, or send cheques to 201 Colchester Road E10 6HG. More info also on facebook.