Saturday, 13 December 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 13th December –Campaigning in Bedford for the Labour Party and then attending the Final of the X-Factor in Wembley to support Walthamstow's Fleur East. 
  • Tuesday 16th December- announcing the winning pupil of my Christmas card competition and supporting the Labour Womens Network Christmas Fundraiser
  • Wednesday 17th December-Attending the Year 7 Frederic Bremer Christmas Concert and then attending the XFM winter wonderland with the Walthamstow +1 competition winner- see below for details of how to apply. 
  • Thursday 18th December- Meeting with residents of Falmouth Way, Cllr Sharon Waldron and Metropolitan housing in order to discuss incidents of anti-social behaviour on the estate.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Alright - what does the Labour Party stand for?

Click to go to the website
The Labour Party has just published a summary of some of the key policies announced already. It's called Changing Britain Together, and you can read it as a pdf here: 
or click the pic to go to the website - where you can help shape the 2015 manifesto.

We're asking for the entire Labour community's input on the issues we believe are some of the toughest facing our country right now. Do share this with your followers on social media - Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Oh Come All Ye Village Faithful - to Orford Road, Tues 9th December

CAROLS 1Posted by Paul Gasson on the Walthamstow Village Residents' Association website:  9th December 2014 Christmas carols on the Square

The run up to Christmas can start to seem a bit of a chore when you have to battle through busy shops, crowds on the streets and endless lists. But fear not. There’s an event just around the corner guaranteed to make you feel genuinely festive again, by combining great music, mince pies and a drop of mulled wine.
On Tuesday, 9 December, the Walthamstow Village Residents’ Association is holding its annual Christmas carols on the square, aided by East London Brass – the band that’s been accompanying the event in recent years – and led by Philip Creasy. And of course, your voices are invited to join in.

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 6th December- Supporting Small Business Saturday in Walthamstow
  • Sunday 7th December- Hosting a fundraising evening at the Chequers with expert quiz Master Neil Gerrard.
  • Monday 8th December - overseeing the completion of the House of Lords stage of the Consumer Rights Bill on which I lead for the Labour Party 
  • Tuesday 9th December - meeting with consumer representatives regarding the Consumer Rights bill and hosting a fundraising disco in Westminster for the general election 
  • Wednesday 10th December- Presenting proposals on the future of Consumer Rights to the Labour Party policy process 
  • Thursday 10th December- Chairing a discussion as part of Labour’s Next Generation event celebrating Women in business in Sheffield 
  • Friday 11th December- organising a tour for residents of the changes to Wood Street proposed by Waltham Forest Council. To join this visit please contact my office on 020 8521 1223

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Quick links - forthcoming events etc

QUIZ at CHEQUERS | London Labour Conference | Labour Stow Keys | Labour Supporters survey | Working for Walthamstow | email us

Vote Now: The Walthamstow Housing Campaign Awards

In this week's 'Working for Walthamstow' newsletter Stella Creasy writes:
"The Nominations have closed and your shortlist is out! Polls are now open to vote in the Walthamstow Housing Campaign Awards. These awards are part of our campaign to highlight good and bad housing in the area. We will then present these awards to the winners as part of raising awareness about the challenges in securing affordable housing in Walthamstow and using our collective power as local residents to hold to account those who seek to rip off residents. 
"Categories up for voting include Worst Estate Agent in Walthamstow, Social Housing Provider with the most room for improvement and Kindest gesture by a Letting Agent. You can find the full list of nominees and categories here. Voting is open until the 31st December 2014. 

"I'm therefore now inviting all residents of Walthamstow to vote for the winner and losers of housing by using the online form which is available here. Please note we have asked for an address to verify that any voter is a Walthamstow resident, and only votes once, but this information will not be shared. If you would like to get involved in our campaign to support affordable housing in Walthamstow please let me know - you can read more about the campaign on my website."

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 29th December-participating in the Natural Voices Choir Winter Project at the Blitz Factory 
  • Tuesday 2nd December – Speaking at the UCL Conference on gender equality in central london
  • Wednesday 3rd December –Attending the Chancellors Autumn statement in Parliament
  • Thursday 4th December-Campaigning in Battersea for Labour 
  • Saturday 6th December- SupportingSmall Business Saturday
  • Sunday 7th December- Hosting a fundraising evening at the Chequers with expert quiz Master Neil Gerard.Tickets can be bought online and cost £12 (£10 unwaged or pensioners) or £60 for a table for six

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Walthamstow Housing Campaign Awards 2014: your VOTE

The Walthamstow Housing Awards vote is live now! These awards are part of a resident led 'Home sweet home' campaign seeking to promote the provision of affordable and quality housing for all in Walthamstow. 

As the Housing Campaigners say: "Working with local MP Stella Creasy, we are seeking to challenge poor practices in our local housing market as well as celebrate those doing the right thing. By working together to raise awareness of these concerns as well as highlight those who we think act in the interests of local residents we are seeking to improve the provision of housing for all in Walthamstow. 

"Since August 2014 residents across Walthamstow have been nominating letting agents, estate agents and social housing providers for these awards- and now we have a shortlist based on their suggestions. Now we are inviting Walthamstow residents to vote for the winners in these categories- and join us as we award the winning companies! 

Take part in the vote by visiting the campaign vote page here

Only Walthamstow residents are eligible to vote in this survey and each person is only allowed to vote once. (Note to prevent any commercial interference with this awards scheme no anonymous votes will be counted.)

These are the categories you can vote for:
  • The Best Letting Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Worst Letting Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Kindest Gesture from a Letting Agent 2014
  • The Best Estate Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Worst Estate Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • Social Housing Provider with the most room for improvement in Walthamstow in 2014
  • Letting Agent most in denial in Walthamstow in 2014
  • Special MP Award for Outrageous Behaviour in Walthamstow's Housing Market 2014

Examples of 'Outrageous Behaviour'?
  • hypocrisy as a charity supposed to help people who are destitute but have put up rents £150 a month for residents in Walthamstow
  •  'double charging' - charging both the buyer and the seller of a property for the same sale
  • increasing building insurance by 40% for Warner leaseholders in Walthamstow by adding in a 'terrorism' surcharge

UK Indie (Music) Party - disco for Stella Creasy MP & Alison McGovern MP December 9th

Come to the only UK Indie (music) Party worth joining in town. Join us for a unique fundraiser where Stella Creasy and Alison McGovern get on the DJ decks on the boat decks to raise money for their general election campaigns.
  • A complimentary drink for the first 50 to book online. Raffle prizes include, a two course meal for two with drinks at the Tamesis Dock and a Michael Fassbender box set!
  • Single tickets: £23.00 
  • 5 tickets: £100
Book at the Labour Shop NOW!


Go to facebook and start your bidding now for the songs you want played and the songs you want banned on the night! Our list of tunes to begin the bids specially picked by Stella and Alison:

Paradise- Coldplay
Hit me baby one more time - Britney Spears
Respect - Aretha franklin
Hey Jude - The Beatles
Chicken song - Spitting Image
The Birdie song
Anything by U2
Shake it Off- Taylor Swift
BandAid30 song
Take on Me- Aha
Things Can Only Get Better- D-Ream
Saturday Night - Whigfield
I Would Walk 500 Miles- The Proclaimers
Lifted- The Lighthouse Family
Crazy Frog Song
All About that Bass- Meghan Trainor
Roar- Katy Perry
Let it Go- Frozen
New York New York- Frank Sinatra
Come on Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
I think we're alone now- Tiffany
Don't Stop me Now- Queen
Don't Stop Believin'- Journey
Gangnam Style- PSI

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Monday 24th November- holding an appointment only residents advice surgery (to book an appointment please call 020 8521 1223) and working to try to get Amd44D to tackle rip off agency fees passed in parliament- see below for details.
  • Tuesday 25th November- Speaking at the Labour List fundraiser in central London
  • Wednesday 26th November- Meeting with volunteers as part of the One Billion Rising campaign to tackle violence against women
  • Thursday 27th November – Speaking at a fundraiser in Milton Keynes

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

  • Saturday 15th November-participating in the national NHS campaign day
  • Wednesday 19th November- teaching a citizenship lesson at Coppermill Primary School and then meeting with campaigners for the Home Sweet Home Campaign in Walthamstow in the morning (to join us please email me) 
  • Thursday 20th November- taking part in Business Questions in the House of Commons
  • Friday 21st November - attending parliament to support a Private Members Bill to repeal the damage done to our NHS by the Health and Social Care Act 

Ed Miliband's promises

In case you haven't seen them these are Ed's promises from his November 13th message.
. . . if you've ever heard someone say they don't know what Ed stands for - it doesn't get clearer than this...

"here are the promises I'm making to you about the kind of Britain I will lead:
First, I will undo the damage the Tories have done to our country:
  • I will scrap the Bedroom Tax, which unfairly punishes the disabled and the vulnerable
  • I will scrap the Health and Social Care Act, which damages and undermines our NHS
  • I will scrap the gagging law, which limits our freedom of speech and right to campaign
  • I will reverse the Tories' £3bn tax cut for millionaires, so we get the deficit down but do it fairly
Second, I will take on the powerful vested interests that hold millions back:
  • I will force energy companies to freeze gas and electricity bills until 2017
  • I will give power back to those who rent their homes, by scrapping letting fees and stabilising tenancy agreements
  • I will raise money from tobacco companies, tax avoiders, and a mansion tax to fund doctors, nurses, careworkers and midwives for our NHS
  • I will reform our banks so that they properly support small businesses
  • I will stop recruitment agencies hiring only from abroad
Third, I will start to rebuild a fairer, better Britain:
  • I will raise the minimum wage, to ensure that everyone that does a hard day's work is properly rewarded
  • I will promote the living wage by giving tax breaks to companies that pay it
  • I will ban the damaging zero-hours contracts that exploit British workers
  • I will bring in a lower 10p income tax rate, cutting taxes for 24 million workers
  • I will support working parents with 25 hours of free childcare for three- and four-year-olds
  • I will help more young people get on the housing ladder by getting 200,000 homes built every year"


Walthamstow Labour Party proudly presents its fundraising pub quiz
The Chequers Pub, 145 High St, London E17 7BX
(see map below)
It's on Sunday December 7th, starting at 8pm
It's hosted by Walthamstow’s MP STELLA CREASY 
and features NEIL GERRARD as Grand Inquisitor*
All Labour Party members, friends and family, supporters welcome. Come and help us in our campaign for the 2015 General Election - by eating, drinking, and getting baffled

Click map to go to google maps
Tickets booked in advance are just:
  • £12 (unwaged/pensioners £10)
  • or £22 for two
  • or £60 for a table of six including cake!
Tickets at the door (a little bit more): 
  • £14 (unwaged/pensioners £12)
  • £24 for two
  • £70 for a table of six.

BOOK NOW (at the discounted prices):

  • call 07957 228019
  • Or book online via the Labour Party Ticket Shop (if the link doesn't work go to: and click ‘event tickets’ from the list on the left).
  • or email

  • *Confront your inadequacies as yawning vistas of ignorance widen before you - and feel the fear. Safety and self esteem will seem but distant memories. . . .

    All proceeds from ticket sales, raffle tickets, and donations go to Walthamstow’s 2015 General Election Campaign Fund Event promoted by James Hedges on behalf of Stella Creasy, both at Walthamstow Labour Party, 23 Orford Road, London E17 9NL

    Wednesday, 12 November 2014

    Coming soon - Walthamstow CLP's next pub quiz; q1 when, q2 where?


    Musings with Margaret Hodge - 12 December, 7.30

    Chingford & Woodford Green CLP are hosting a great fundraising evening with the Lion of the Public Account Committee! It's to support the brilliant campaign by Bilal Mahmood, Labour's parliamentary candidate in the constituency for 2015. A great Italian meal, good company and one of the fiercest yet likable MPs we have as our guest of honour. Tickets are £25 for the waged and £15 for the unwaged. It's at the Trevi Italian Restaurant, 476-478 Larkshall Rd, London E4 9HH. Phone: 020 8523 2161. And it's on 12 December at 7.30pm

    There's more here on facebook

    Saturday, 8 November 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Sunday 9th November- attending the Remembrance Sunday Service at Waltham Forest Town Hall 
    • Tuesday 11th November – Speaking in parliament about the importance of shared parental leave rights as part of responding for Labour to delegated legislation
    • Wednesday 12th November - Campaigning in Rochester ahead of the by-election
    • Thursday 13th November –  visiting the Wood Street redevelopment area and attending the Walthamstow Labour Party Annual General Meeting 
    • Friday 14th November – please note that my office will be closed all day due to a staff training event.
    • Saturday 15th November-participating in the national NHS campaign day

    Sunday, 2 November 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Monday 3rd November – supporting the House of Lords Labour team as we seek to challenge Double Charging and meeting with members of Walthamstow Labour Party South Branch 
    • Tuesday 4th November- running a free Circular Firing Up Squad workshop on Women's leadership in Central London at 8pm. To sign up to attend follow instructions here
    • Thursday 6th November - holding one of my regular residents surgeries. Please note this is a prebooked meetings only session so please call020 8521 1223 for an appointment. 
    • Sunday 9th November- attending the Remembrance Sunday Service at Waltham Forest Town Hall 

    Wednesday, 29 October 2014

    Gender equality in UK: Circular Firing Up Squad Workshop - 4 November

    Time for truth on gender equality in UK: Free Circular Firing Up Squad Workshop Central London; Tuesday 4 November 8pm

    Today (29 October) we learnt that the UK has now slipped out of the top twenty countries for gender equality. The World Economic Forum study found Britain has slipped from 18th to 26th, recording its lowest score since 2008 and falling behind Bulgaria, America, South Africa, Burundi and Slovenia. Its time we faced the truth-Britain is falling behind, not stepping up, in the fight for equality.

    Want to help challenge that? Know women who are fantastic but facing discrimination and need help fighting stereotypes? Enjoy meeting other women doing amazing things and supporting them? Then the Circular Firing Up Squad project is for you!

    The Circular Firing Up Squad is a volunteer led initiative. The 90 minute workshops we run bring women together to support each other in taking on leadership positions in their personal and public lives, recognising the challenges women face in doing so and working together to overcome them in a fun and empowering environment- you can read what attendees have said about the experience here.

    These sessions are free, and open to any woman aged 14 and upwards. Anyone who has previously attended a workshop or part of a CFUsquad is welcome to join as well as part of learning how to run one. This session will be on Tuesday 4 November at 8-9.30pm in a venue in central London. To RSVP and book a space as well as receive full venue details please email:

    Please also feel free to share this invite with other women you feel would benefit from attending this event. If you can't join us but would like to know more please follow the #cfusquad hashtag on twitter. I hope you will join us in fighting to help ensure every woman in Britain is able to achieve her potential!

    Stella Creasy
    Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow

    ps. Please do RSVP to Teresa so that we can ensure we have enough materials at each event for everyone!

    Biennial London Labour regional conference

    Our Biennial London Labour regional conference is taking place on Sunday 30 November. The venue is Hammersmith Town Hall and all members are invited to attend.

    You can sign up here 

    Saturday, 25 October 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Saturday 25th October – Holding one of my regular drop in advice surgeries for residents in the The Mall shopping centre from 2-4pm and then attending the party to say goodbye to Rev Heathfield from St Mary's Church at St Marys School 
    • Monday 27th October toWednesday 29th October- attending parliament each day for the consideration of the recall bill as well as several opposition day debates. 
    • Thursday 30th October - holding one of my regular residents surgeries. Please note this is a prebooked meetings only session so please call020 8521 1223 for an appointment. 

    Saturday, 11 October 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Saturday 11 October- speaking at the Co-operative Party Conference
    • Wednesday 15th October – Attending the Labour Women’s Dinner in Central London
    • Thursday 16th October – Speaking at the Advance Union conference in Hertfordshire 
    • Saturday 18th October – meeting with our local Tamil Sangam to talk about how we can inspire young Tamils in the community 

    Monday, 6 October 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Saturday 4 October- surveying local residents about mini-holland with the Hoe St councillors. Please see below for details. 
    • Tuesday 7 October - campaigning in Heywood and Middleton during the parliamentary by-election 
    • Friday 10 October- mentoring young women in the London Eye as part of the WoW International Day of the Girl project
    • Saturday 11 October- speaking at the Co-operative Party Conference 

    Sunday, 28 September 2014

    Mini Holland trial closures map and route suggestions

    The main aim of the trial scheme (which lasts till 13 October) is to test the effects of preventing cars using the Village as a through route, so if you're on say Hoe Street and want to get to Shernhall Street your best bet is to go via Church Hill or Lea Bridge Road, and to get from Church Hill to Lea Bridge Road go via Shernhall Street or Hoe Street.

    There are no village through routes (although you can 'cut some corners' - eg Merton Road to Barclay Road - that are probably more trouble than they're worth)

    (for destinations within the trial area such as the shops on Orford Road)
    • you can park on the upper half of Orford Road, or 
    • if you have an ME residents permit you can park on streets nearby such as East Avenue or Eden Road. 

    • Church Lane - takes you to East Avenue via Vestry Road 
    • or at the other end enter Grove Road and then to Beulah Road 
    • Take one of the side roads on the north side and go to Grove Road then turn onto Beulah Road where you can now go straight up to Orford Road 
    • enter from Second Avenue or 
    • Third Avenue or 
    • Orford Road or 
    • Grosvenor Park Road 
    • (but not Grove Road) 
    FROM CHURCH HILL - no access.

    Hot Topic: Local - The Mini Holland Road Closures - Stella Creasy MP

    In her weekly newsletter Stella Creasy MP comments on the trial of road closures in the Walthamstow Village area:

    "Back in March 2014, Waltham Forest was successful in its bid to the Mayor of London for £30m to fund a Mini Holland cycling programme. This is designed to radically improve the borough’s cycling infrastructure and so make it much more likely people will cycle around our area. The plan is to create a 'network of cycle-friendly home zones' though greening, traffic calming and closing off rat-runs around our area where cars drive through the area without stopping, and so improving the experience for cyclists.

    This week sees the start of a trial of two weeks of road closures around the Walthamstow village area to test these principles. As MP I have not been involved in designing any of these proposals, and I recognise that the initial consultation has not been conducted well, as many residents have been in touch to express their anger and frustration with these plans.

    As someone with an office in the area affected and who regularly cycles, walks and drives in the village area many of the suggestions residents have made look like they would improve this plan- and some frankly may not! However, having spoken to them, I also know the councillors are keen for residents to feed in their ideas so that at the end of this trial these plans can be strongly influenced by local knowledge.

    Therefore please do ensure you email your thoughts on what is- and isn't working - to or visit the council officers who will be holding drop in sessions on every day of the trial in the Asian Centre on Orford Road between 2-7pm. If you do not get an acknowledgement of your feedback or have difficulty finding these sessions please email me and my team and I will ensure your views are included in their consultation.

    I know that ability to park, drive and cycle safely as well as council consultations can engender strong feelings for many - I hope residents can remain calm and use the consultation process to express their opinions as the most constructive place for this debate!"

    You can see the LBWF map of the trial area here

    Saturday, 20 September 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Saturday 21 September to Wednesday 24 September - attending the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Please note my constituency office will remain open during this time except on Monday 22 September when it will be closed in the morning due to staff shortages
    • Thursday 25 September attending the launch of the first Walthamstow Beer as brewed from hops grown by local residents at the Rose and Crown Pub on Hoe Street. 

    Sunday, 14 September 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Saturday 13th September – Holding on of my regular surgeries in The Mall shopping centre in Walthamstow between 12.30 and 2pm and then attending the Oakfield Street Party. Please note any Walthamstow resident can attend this surgery so no appointment is necessary, however this means it is not suitable for the detailed discussion of personal and private matters. If you wish to make an appointment at a pre-booked surgery please call 020 8521 1223
    • Monday 15th September - please note my office is closed for staff training 
    • Thursday 18th September- meeting with ministers as part of the campaign for Justice for Tyrell and supporting the campaign to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom in the referendum 
    • Saturday 21 September to Thursday 25 September - attending the Labour Party conference in Manchester. 

    Friday, 5 September 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Friday 5 September - attending parliament to vote to try to end the Bedroom Tax and then attending the re-opening of Stoneydown Park School
    • Saturday 6 September -campaigning and running circular firing up squads to support women's leadership in Harrow and Ealing. All women welcome.
    • Monday 8th September –  Due to staff training please note my office will be closed on Monday and will open again on Tuesday.
    • Tuesday 9th September – Taking part in Justice questions to raise concerns about how the victims of crime are treated
    • Wednesday 10th September – Speaking about consumer rights,  competition and regulation across sectors at an event in Central London
    • Thursday 11th September – Attending BIS questions 
    • Friday 12th September – Attending a debate in Parliament to support the bill to protect international aid
    • Saturday 13th September – Holding one of my regular surgeries in The Mall and then attending the Oakfield Street Party. 

    Thursday, 4 September 2014

    Trial closure of Orford Road (retail stretch) public meeting 15 Sept, Asian Centre, 7pm

    Councillor for Hoe St ward Saima Mahmud writes:

    "I’m sure you've heard about the Mini Holland funding that the Council has successfully secured to make it safer and easier for cyclists and pedestrians to use our roads.

    A significant amount of the funding will be used to address the huge rat-run problem that is affecting roads such as Orford Road, Grove Road and Pembroke Road. The Council is exploring different options and have decided to trial a closure of Orford Road (the retail stretch of Orford Road) to see if it is something that residents would like to see happen permanently. The trial period will be from 26th September until 13th October 2014.

    The Council has organised a public meeting to be held on Monday, 15th September 7-9pm at the Asian Centre, 18A Orford Rd, London E17 9LN. This will be an opportunity for residents to learn more about the trial and the aims of the trial – to create a better environment for cyclists and pedestrians. We believe that a knock-on effect would be greater footfall in the area and this could only help to boost the local economy."

    Monday, 1 September 2014

    Leyton & Wanstead fundraiser with the Mirror's Kevin Maguire, 11 September

    Join KEVIN MAGUIRE, Associate editor of the Daily Mirror and politics columnist, for a great night out at the Star of India with L&W and Halesowen and Rowley Regis CLPs. £25 Per Ticket - to book call 07940702951, or send cheques to 201 Colchester Road E10 6HG. More info also on facebook.

    Saturday, 30 August 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, this week

    • Monday 1 September - returning to Westminster for the resumption of Parliamentary business 
    • Wednesday 3 September - speaking on the importance of enforcing the minimum wage in parliament 
    • Thursday 4 September- attending the funeral for Nicholas Russell and then speaking at the West Walthamstow Branch Meeting 
    • Friday 5 September - attending the re-opening of Stoneydown Park School
    • Saturday 6 September -campaigning and running circular firing up squads to support women's leadership in Harrow and Ealing. All women welcome. 

    Tuesday, 26 August 2014

    Nicholas Russell's funeral 4th September - an open invitation

    Until his untimely death on the 17th August Nicholas Russell was a committed activist within the Labour Party in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. A biography is available on Wikipedia, but it doesn't do justice to the extent of his commitment to campaigning on behalf of the Labour Party, the Co-operative Party, and above all for the cause of disability rights. A much fuller account is given by his sister in law in an obituary in The Guardian

    As a party member in neighbouring Leyton his campaigning and activism nevertheless had a major impact in Walthamstow, and he is sorely missed. His partner Georgina, and his brother John have issued the following invitation (which can also be seen in its original form on facebook):

    "Georgina Farrer and John Russell would like to extend an open invitation to Nicholas' funeral to all those people who knew or worked with him. The funeral will take place on Thursday, 4th September 2014 to start at 3.15 at the North Chapel, City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Aldersbrook Road, London E12 5DQ.

    We kindly ask people to wear one item of red and to bring a single red flower. If guests would like to make a donation, we will be supporting three charities to reflect Nicholas' political work. These are:

    Whizz-kidz, a children's disability charity -
    Stay Safe East, a local charity tackling abuse -
    The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) -

    The wake will be held at Waltham Forest Resources Hub (South) Disability Resources Centre at 90 Crowfield Road, London E11 2BG ( Food and drink has kindly been provided by the Star of India Restaurant ( with support from Waltham Forest Labour Party (

    We look forward to seeing all of Nicholas' friends and colleagues on 4th September. 
    With best wishes, Georgina and John."

    Tuesday, 19 August 2014

    Mayoral Garden Party for the Soul Project - Sunday 31st August

    Councillor Terry Wheeler, Mayor of Waltham Forest 2014/15, writes:

    One of the things I do as Mayor is to help raise funds for Charity. I have chosen this year to focus on projects for local young people and to focus on young people.

    I am  writing to  to invite you to support a Garden Party on 31st August (from 4.00-7.00pm) being held  at my Home to raise funds for the Soul Project who are based in Wood Street and whose main aim is to “engage young people throughout the Borough in positive activities to prevent social exclusion”  

    The event is being hosted by the Young Mayoress Karishma Mahomed who has chosen the Soul Project as the focus for this event- I will be helping the Borough Youth Engagement Team in the kitchen.

    The Garden Party will feature “Jazz Atmosphere”- a locally based Jazz Trio –there will be opportunities for anyone who wishes to sit in”

    It is a fund raising event so there will be a charge of £20 (£12 concessions) and children will be free ( but appropriate donations would be welcome). In return you will be able to enjoy Jazz- themed  Music provided by Jazz Atmosphere, a substantial buffet meal, a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and a tour round the garden. You are welcome to bring your own refreshment supplies as well. All meat used will be Halal unless otherwise indicated and there will be vegetarian options.

    We obviously need to know who is coming to ensure there is adequate catering and to manage numbers- we do not want to annoy our neighbours, and the Jazz Band will moderate their sound levels. Please “hassle me”: 
    text 07903755943, 

    or contact the Town Hall:
    Phone - 020 8496 4399 (ask for Mariam Ifzal).
    Or write - 
    The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Terry Wheeler 2014–15
    The Mayor’s Parlour                                                     
    Waltham Forest Town Hall
    Forest Road, London E17 4JF                     

    Day trip to conference on the M4C bus - Sunday Sept 21st - FREE!

    Movement for Change have offered to run another bus to Conference for us on Sunday September 21st - and entry to the M4C showcase event (more info about M4C on facebook). This invitation is for all Walthamstow Constituency Labour Party members and all local Labour Party supporters (and especially to those who came on the Brighton day trip to Conference last year.)

    Conference is in Manchester this year so there is rather more travel time and it will be a longer day (but we don't have to get across London . . .) The planned timings for the day are:
    • 8.15am - meet at 23 Orford Road, London E17 9NL [this will be the only pick-up point]
    • 8.30am - depart
    • 12.30pm - estimated arrival in Manchester at Conference and M4C venue
    • 1.30-2.30pm - Movement for Change Conference event at Screen 2, AMC Great Northern 16, Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN; you do NOT need a conference pass for this as it will be outside the ticketed zone. Conference itself is at Manchester Central [formerly known as the G-Mex exhibition centre, and before that as Manchester Central Station].
    • 2.30-4.45pm - free time in Manchester [there are numerous free events outside the ticketed zone, or party members can buy a day pass for Conference by following the link here, or you can just enjoy the sights of Manchester!]
    • 4.45-5pm - meet at departure point
    • 5pm - depart Manchester
    • 9pm - estimated arrival time back at 23 Orford Road
    There will be a short stop about half-way in both directions [unless severe traffic problems on the way there would make us late for the M4C event]. This will allow you to get refreshments, use toilets etc, but not a sit-down meal. You are welcome to bring sandwiches to eat on the bus, and there will be plenty of time in Manchester to look for somewhere to eat, though we can't guarantee how much time you will have before the event. We expect to use the same bus in both directions so you should be able to leave belongings you don't wish to carry around locked in the bus while we're in Manchester. 

    Last year's trip was a tremendous success which everyone greatly enjoyed. The bus was almost full with around 40 members and supporters (some of whom gathered on the beach for a photo). The enjoyment was crowned on that occasion by the award of 'Campaigner of the Year' to our very own Yemi Osho -  now councillor for Lea Bridge ward.

    If you'd like to join us just send an email. The invitation is open to all CLP members, all local Labour Party supporters, friends family etc. There is no charge for the bus, but if you were able to make a small contribution on the day to M4C expenses for booking it that would of course be very welcome. Last year was great fun; do join us if you can this year. If you've already asked to reserve a place you should get an email soon [if not email: to check]. You can also check this page for any news or updates to this event.

    Sunday, 17 August 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

    • Wednesday 20th August holding an advice surgery for Walthamstow residents - to book an appointment please call 020 8521 1223
    • Thursday 21st August holding an advice surgery for Walthamstow residents- to book an appointment please call 020 8521 1223 
    • Monday 25th to Friday 29th August-out of my office. Please note my office will remain open so if you require assistance please call on 020 8521 1223

    Friday, 8 August 2014

    Home Sweet Home E17: Day of Public Action, Town Square, 1.30pm, Saturday

    This Saturday 9 August from 1.30pm we will be in Walthamstow Town Square with our campaign to highlight the good and bad behaviour in our local housing market. 

    With Walthamstow seeing the biggest increases in the country in house prices in the last year, and rents going up by nearly 10% in our area at the same time, only through collective action to tackle the behaviours that are distorting prices and encouraging exploitation can we ensure that all residents can access quality housing. Please join us on Saturday to show your support and send a strong message we will not tolerate these practices in Walthamstow. 

    Damp, extortionate charges and misleading information are all too common for many residents - and the good landlords, estate agents and letting agents find their reputations tarnished as a result too. Please join us and the Movement for Change with our 'wheel of misfortune' activity (plus a few 'cockroaches' and other uninvited guests) as well as encouraging residents to nominate in our Local Living Awards: 
    All nominations are confidential - categories include topics such as from 'Best' and 'Worst' letting agent, 'best' or worst' offer to completion and  even 'Most Inventive Excuse’!

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

    • Saturday 9th August – Attending the Home Sweet Home community action in Walthamstow Town Square and then helping run a training session for young campaigners in Ilford. 
    • Monday 11th August to Wednesday 13th August- visiting the Scottish Parliament and campaigning in the Scottish Referendum in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cumbernauld 
    • Friday 15th August - Attending the display of Walthamstow's bus history in Walthamstow Town Square and then heading to Stoke to run a campaigning workshop 

    Wednesday, 6 August 2014

    'Home Sweet Home community action' 1.30-3pm this Saturday in the Town Square

    One of Stella Creasy MP's campaign priorities this year is to work with Walthamstow residents to tackle the impact of rising rents and house prices on our local community. This dovetails with the council's announced scheme to licence all landlords across the borough. We're seeking to challenge those letting agents and landlords who exploit London's housing market to rip off tenants with excessive fees and rents for poor quality housing as well as to support those who treat local residents fairly.

    A number of meetings have already been held with local party members and residents to get this going, and  next up is our . . .
    'Home Sweet Home community action'
    this Saturday in the Town Square from 1.30-3pm
    One of the attractions will be a housing 'wheel of misfortune', where you can test your luck trying to find accommodation, and see what sort of obstacles you could face. Do come and join us - find out more about the campaign and maybe offer your support.

    'Local Living: SOS! awards'
    As part of our 'Home Sweet Home' campaign in Walthamstow we're going to hold landlords, letting agents and estate agents to account for their conduct by creating the 'E17 Local Living: SOS! Awards' to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly of our local housing. 

    You can support this scheme by submitting your nominations for the 'Local Living: SOS! awards'. They're in three sections - renting, buying and selling, and social housing, and the nomination forms are here:

    Categories include topics such as from 'Best' to 'Worst' letting agent, 'best' or worst' offer to completion and even 'Most Inventive Excuse’! The idea is to make it easier for people trying to find accommodation to know the standards of the agents they have to deal with, and maybe make more informed choices. The more local residents who contribute the better our info will be - so get submitting!

    We're also planning a meeting on this issue to take place in November, so watch out for more news of this nearer the time.

    Saturday, 2 August 2014

    Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

    • Saturday 2nd August - attending the Walthamstow Village Festival  
    • Monday 4th August – Attending  the WW1 Commemorative event at Walthamstow Town Hall
    • Wednesday 6th August – meeting with women's groups in Parliament to discuss female representation 
    • Friday 8th August – giving a speech to twitter about campaigning
    • Saturday 9th August – Attending the Home Sweet Home community action. If you would like to attend please contact Ruby in my office or call 020 8521 1223.

    Tuesday, 29 July 2014

    Healthy E17 and Home Sweet Home Update

    In her latest newsletter Stella Creasy writes:
    Hello! As your MP I'm writing to ask for your help with the following actions:

    Please help us highlight the good and bad in our local landlords, letting agent and estate agents by nominating them for one of our E17 Local Living: SOS Awards. This is part of our Home Sweet Home Campaign to tackle some of the problems residents in Walthamstow face securing housing. We've split the awards up into four categories:

    Click here to nominate a Letting Agent

    Click here to nominate an Estate Agent
    Click here to nominate a Social Housing Provider
    Click here to nominate a Landlord

    All nominations are confidential - categories include topics such as from 'Best' and 'Worst' letting agent, 'best' or worst' offer to completion and even 'Most Inventive Excuse’!

    There will be a meeting on Wednesday 30 July between 7-8.30pm in central Walthamstow to discuss these awards and plan a day of action on Saturday 9 August in Walthamstow to highlight our concerns about housing in the area. If you would like to attend this discussion or help with this day of action please contact Ruby in my team on 020 8521 1223 or

    Furthermore if you have experience of contacting Clarke Hillyer letting agents and free on Friday 1 August please reply to this email.

    Already our work together on these matters is starting to yield results - with your help we can do even more to make sure everyone in Walthamstow has access to good quality healthcare and housing!

    Stella Creasy
    Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow
    (the deadline for entries is September 1 2014.)