Sunday, 3 September 2017

Walthamstow Labour Party Local Education Survey

Walthamstow Labour Party Local Education Survey: 
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Hospitals are not the only public services struggling with PFI debt - schools across Britain are as well including some in Walthamstow. Our schools are also facing real terms cuts in their budgets and challenges with staff retention and morale. So too, it is vital to celebrate the achievements of our young residents and recognise some of the social and cultural issues our students are experiencing. 

To this end Walthamstow Labour Party members are seeking to develop campaigns around education and are asking for the help of local residents to inform this work. In particular, they would like local parents, pupils, school staff and governors to complete this short survey - this survey will remain open until the end of September, it is anonymous and the results will be shared with the local community. 

if you would like to be part of this campaign work please email.

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Sunday 3rd September- speaking at the Jewish Labour Movement conference on tackling hate crime. 
  • Tuesday 5th September - returning to parliament to participate in a debate on the situation in Venezuela and speak at the launch of the campaign for single market membership to be part of the Brexit deal
  • Wednesday 6th September- meeting with Ministers to discuss Walthamstow's Union for the self employed and celebrating Eid with colleagues in the national Labour Party. 
  • Thursday 7th September- taking part in a GMB union event on our work to tackle companies using tips to top up employee incomes and attending the Walthamstow Labour Party General Committee Meeting.
  • Friday 8th September- holding an appointment only advice surgery for local residents. To book an appointment please call 020 8521 1223
  • Saturday 9th September- holding an open advice surgery between 2-4pm. Please keep an eye on social media for confirmation of the venue.
  • Sunday 10th September- joining the Walthamstow Farmers Market in the town square to celebrate their 10th Anniversary of operation.