Friday, 7 September 2012

Stella Creasy MP interviewed in today's Evening Standard

'The misogynist abuse MPs receive is shocking – you should see the tweets I get'

Stella Creasy MP interviewed in today's Evening Standard by Rosamund Urwin

". . .  how much is sexism still holding women back in politics? “We have a long way to go in tackling it,” she says. “There is a cultural element about expectations and attitudes ... The House isn't immune to British society as a whole.”

She thinks the few women who have broken into spheres of influence are now being used as evidence the fight is over: “I think we’ve come 20 per cent of the way towards a more equal society and then we’ve hit a buffer where people think ‘that’s enough now’. We’ve got some women in Parliament, some women in journalism, some women presenters. Rather than being a glass ceiling, it’s become a glass menagerie, where you go, ‘hey, there are some women on boards’, but it’s the same women being circulated.”
Stella Creasy in Walthamstow Market

It’s not just a numbers game, she adds — more women will benefit both politics and business: “Political decision-making is better when you have a range of views ... and societies that have more women on their boards are more prosperous as well as more egalitarian. It’s win, win.”

She is heavily critical of this week’s reshuffle of the Cabinet: “What a surprise! The number of women in the Cabinet is going down. I don’t agree with them on much but there are lots of impressive women on the Conservative benches — why weren’t they looked at?”

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