Monday, 22 October 2012

Fire Brigade Cuts Latest - news from Jennette Arnold

These are extracts from Jennette Arnold's latest newsletter. You can read the full article here.

"Our local firefighters play a crucial role in saving lives everyday across North East London. As well as fighting fires our local brigades play an important role in their communities in offering fire prevention advice and working with partners such as schools and hospitals to check that effective plans are in place to deal with emergencies.

"Last Wednesday Mayor Boris Johnson was challenged over cuts to London’s Fire Brigade and asked to look again at these reckless cuts. I understand that up to 30 fire stations are at risk due to the scale of these cuts demanded by Boris Johnson.

As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is ultimately responsible that effective fire cover is provided for the capital. The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) budget is a component part of Mayor Boris Johnson’s overall budget which will be examined by the Assembly in early 2013.

I am furious at the planned cuts to fire cover in my constituency. I understand the plans include closing Kingsland Fire Station in Hackney, along with two stations in Islington at Upper Street and Clerkenwell. Appliances will also be lost at Chingford and Leyton in Waltham Forest. . . 

"The final £65million target of cuts set by Mayor Boris Johnson can only be met if fire stations close. The scale of cuts is unacceptable and will impact on public safety. I will work with local residents to fight these reckless plans.

"At the last Mayor’s Question Time members of the Labour Group also challenged Mayor Boris Johnson on cuts to the Police and A&E Departments. The Metropolitan Police have already lost 1,444 Police Constables and 1,960 PCSOs in the past two years. With a £230m budget black hole this will increase. We will find out later this year about proposals to reduce the number of police stations across London possibly leaving just one 24hr station per borough.

"If this was not enough the NHS in London is also under attack. The capital is set to lose 7 of its 31 A&E departments, leaving the remaining 24 to cover an extra 120,000 residents each. I am furious at how the NHS is being dismantled before our eyes. This comes at a time when a recent review by the King’s Fund pointed towards growing concerns about trolley waits in A&E departments. This is clearly linked to the loss of 4,000 nurses since the coalition government took office.

". . .the safety of people across North East London is in jeopardy.

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