Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why it's a BAD THING to abolish Walthamstow as a parliamentary constituency

The Boundary Commission plans to abolish Walthamstow as a parliamentary constituency and divide it up between Chingford and Leyton. Four wards - Wood Street, Chapel End, William Morris, and Higham Hill - would be part of a new Chingford constituency; the other four - Hoe Street, High Street, Markhouse, and Lea Bridge - would be part of a new Leyton constituency.

Does this matter?
The place would still be here under the Commission’s plans; there’d just be two MPs instead of one.
Yes it matters!
Who would represent Walthamstow in parliament?
  • Would it be the MP for six (current) Leyton wards and four Walthamstow wards?
  • Or the MP for six Chingford wards and four from Walthamstow?
For each Walthamstow would only be a minority concern, but there would be loads of structural issues where decisions taken by parliament (quite separate from local council decisions) have a direct bearing on our whole community; issues like housing, and schools, and health. We must have a single voice to represent us in parliament (of whichever party) informed by an integrated vision of our community.

So what should you do?
  • follow this link, and tell the commission how you feel – you can do it by email, online, or by posting a letter to - The Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ.
  • tell your friends, colleagues, workmates, etc to do the same
  • do it by December 9th!
More details at 700 for Walthamstow

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