Monday, 14 January 2013

999 Cuts - Boris' draughty drafts

Jennette Arnold - London Assembly member has published a press release on 10th January. Below are some points relevant to our borough. You can get regular updates in her newsletter which you can sign up to at

Today the Mayor of London published his draft Police and Crime Plan for London. In it the Mayor claims that he will increase the number of police officers based in each borough. However, new analysis shows that compared to 2010 many boroughs will lose significant numbers of police officers, including:
Hackney losing 85 police officers
Islington losing 64 police officers
Current locally based Safer Neighbourhood Teams will have less dedicated resources. Each SNT currently has three PCSOs, two PCs and one sergeant. The new model will see each SNT having only one dedicated PC and a “named sergeant” - a move back to Sector-based policing . .  abandoned in the late 1990s as . .  ineffective and led to police having poor relations on a local level.
It was also revealed  . . .  Walthamstow Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Unit, Walthamstow Police Station and Leyton Police Station will close. Jennette commented "this will make it harder for local people to report serious crimes and reduce the police's presence.
“ .  . . the Mayor will strip out our local Safer Neighbourhood Teams which are vital in fighting crime in London. SNTs build local knowledge and get to know their patch, the proposals  . . . .  will also see a loss of many experienced senior officers, which raises obvious concerns about the supervision of police constables.
“ . .  further evidence that the Mayor and Government are cutting too far too fast."

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