Sunday, 4 August 2013

Refounding Walthamstow - how should the local party be organised?

Following the 'Refounding Labour' consultation launched by Peter Hain, and its adoption by last year's conference we are now considering what we should do in Walthamstow. We are in the process of moving our AGM to November as requested by the National Party, so this will be a short 'year' (started in February) and one decision to be taken in November is what other changes (if any) we should make.

From now till the November meeting we are consulting with local members and supporters in various ways. Today sees the first of a series of 'brainstorming meetings', which is to quote our chair Simon Redfern 'a session where you can bring any idea to the table – sensible, crazy, anything goes – no idea is a bad one.' Don't worry if you can't make it today. There will be more sessions over the summer. There will also be discussions at branch meetings, and we're planning to launch an online survey shortly, so even if you can't get to any meetings (or you just don't like meetings - something we'd also like to hear about) you can still have your say. In addition you can also email any comments you'd like to make to: (preferably with 'refw' in the subject line).

So what's it all about? There's a whole set of documents you can download from the party's members' website Labour membersnet refounding pages here. If you're a supporter and not yet a member (or if you just find it difficult to log in to membersnet) you can get some of them here, in slightly different format. Many of the points raised can be dealt with at informal meetings and discussions, but there are a few questions that need a formal decision at the November meeting:

  • How do we take formal decisions (see below for some examples) - do we continue with a General Committee, or with a smaller Executive?
  • How often do we meet, and when?
  • What are meetings for?

Some examples of recent and forthcoming formal decisions:
  • Who should be our conference delegate?
  • Resolutions on blacklisting, and effects of housing benefits changes
  • Should we change how we organise the party?
  • Should we submit a 'contemporary resolution' to conference
  • Who should be our officers (chair, vice-chairs, secretary, treasurer)?

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