Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Walthamstow Housing Campaign Awards 2014: your VOTE

The Walthamstow Housing Awards vote is live now! These awards are part of a resident led 'Home sweet home' campaign seeking to promote the provision of affordable and quality housing for all in Walthamstow. 

As the Housing Campaigners say: "Working with local MP Stella Creasy, we are seeking to challenge poor practices in our local housing market as well as celebrate those doing the right thing. By working together to raise awareness of these concerns as well as highlight those who we think act in the interests of local residents we are seeking to improve the provision of housing for all in Walthamstow. 

"Since August 2014 residents across Walthamstow have been nominating letting agents, estate agents and social housing providers for these awards- and now we have a shortlist based on their suggestions. Now we are inviting Walthamstow residents to vote for the winners in these categories- and join us as we award the winning companies! 

Take part in the vote by visiting the campaign vote page here

Only Walthamstow residents are eligible to vote in this survey and each person is only allowed to vote once. (Note to prevent any commercial interference with this awards scheme no anonymous votes will be counted.)

These are the categories you can vote for:
  • The Best Letting Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Worst Letting Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Kindest Gesture from a Letting Agent 2014
  • The Best Estate Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • The Worst Estate Agent in Walthamstow 2014
  • Social Housing Provider with the most room for improvement in Walthamstow in 2014
  • Letting Agent most in denial in Walthamstow in 2014
  • Special MP Award for Outrageous Behaviour in Walthamstow's Housing Market 2014

Examples of 'Outrageous Behaviour'?
  • hypocrisy as a charity supposed to help people who are destitute but have put up rents £150 a month for residents in Walthamstow
  •  'double charging' - charging both the buyer and the seller of a property for the same sale
  • increasing building insurance by 40% for Warner leaseholders in Walthamstow by adding in a 'terrorism' surcharge

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