Sunday, 13 September 2015

Stellar Stella: Labour Party's Rising Star - Sky News

Jon Craig writes today in Sky News :

"Tom Watson comfortably won the election for Labour deputy leader, but it was runner-up Stella Creasy who established herself as a star of the future in the party.

Just 38, Ms Creasy was the youngest of the five candidates, but beat more established ex-ministers Caroline Flint, Angela Eagle and Ben Bradshaw, all of whom served in the Blair-Brown governments. It's probably the end of the road for those three now.

Her backers included former deputy prime minister John Prescott, an endorsement that meant a lot to her, she told me.

Since becoming an MP in 2010 she has established herself as a formidable campaigner on issues such as payday loans. She has also been a high-profile victim of unpleasant abuse and harassment on Twitter.

Towards the end of the deputy leadership election contest she revealed just how unpleasant some of it had become. She has courage as well as flair."

Read the full article here


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