Thursday, 14 July 2016

NEC elections - candidate from Walthamstow Labour Party - Bex Bailey

Walthamstow Labour Party member Bex Bailey is standing for election to the NEC. Ballot papers will arrive soon. You can read and download her letter to CLP members here.

Bex writes:
I’m standing to make our party fairer.

I’m 24 and I joined Labour because we're the party of equality. We've done a lot to make our society more equal – and will do so again.

But in our party young people still feel excluded, if you're working class you still can't afford to stand for election, and women still face sexism.

We need to put our values into practice within our party, so everyone can get involved.

I’ve spent three years on the NEC helping young women get involved. From leading a grassroots homelessness campaign to organising nationwide election campaigning, I’ve fought for members and for equality.

I’m fighting for:
  • A proper say in policy for all members
  • A comprehensive sexual harassment policy – because no one should feel intimidated or unsafe
  • NEC representation for each nation and region, and better resources for local parties
  • More working class MPs by making our selection processes fairer - and more representation for women, BAME, disabled and LGBT members.
  • A party united around our values from the grassroots up, focused on beating the Tories
  • As your representative I’ll never stop fighting for members, fighting for equality, and fighting to beat the Tories.

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