Saturday, 8 October 2016

"Butterfields deal agreement" - the movie

Stella Creasy MP, councillors Angie Bean, Richard Sweden, Peter Barnett, and Khevyn Limbajee met residents of Butterfields this afternoon to share the promising news about developments in negotiations over the future of the Butterfields estate. . .

"Breaking Walthamstow News: I’m pleased to now be able to announce that after several weeks of negotiations a deal has been agreed between Dolphin and the Butterfields E17 to enable Dolphin to purchase this estate, subject to contract. If completed, this deal will enable all the tenants to remain on the estate and end the threat of evictions as they will all become tenants of Dolphin. . . . "
Stella Creasy MP on Facebook.

Help the Butterfields residents by 
  • welcoming Dolphin Living to Walthamstow @dolphinliving
  • and thanking RBS for their help with this matter @RBS

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