Monday, 2 April 2018

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 2nd April - launching the paymetoo campaign. See below for details. 
  • Tuesday 3rd April - Supporting the Visit a Muslim events in Walthamstow. See below for how you can join.


from the 'working for walthamstow' newsletter:

Paymetoo Campaign - Please Share

By Wednesday 4th April all companies and organisations with more than 250 employees have to publish the details of their gender pay gap. You can find details here of all data published to date. 

Already these figures show wide variations in what men and women earn so we have set up the '' website to help ensure women know their rights to talk about these issues at work as well offering advice for what to do next including working with trade unions and women's networks.

There is also an anonymous survey for women to report their experiences of raises these issues in their workplace. The information we gather as a result of this site and the survey it contains will then inform the work we do on this issue in parliament. 

With women also already reporting that they are being told not to ask difficult questions about this for fear of affecting their careers I want to be clear trying to silence employees isn't the right response; employers who have a gender pay gap should expect to be challenged to address it and held to account if they try to stop staff speaking up, whether by trade unions, women's networks or parliament. Every woman has her own story of experiencing pay discrimination in their careers including me - now they need to know they have MPs ready to listen to them and act if this gap isn't closed. 

I would be grateful for the assistance of all Walthamstow residents - male and female- in sharing this website widely and the information it contains on this issue.

Visit a Muslim Day: 3 April

No resident of this borough should ever feel afraid to practice their faith, or that their faith is something to be hidden and each of us want to live in a borough where residents respect and celebrate our diversity. Those who do not do so, and who seek to intimidate and harass others on this basis have no place here and I will always seek to challenge such behaviour.

Following the 'punish a muslim' letters were sent to residents in Walthamstow, local mosques have organised open days at their buildings for residents who wish to show them solidarity and support in opposition to this vile and islamophobic attack. I hope residents will join me at 2pm on Tuesday 3rd April at Faizan-e-Islam in Wood Street and at 6pm on Tuesday 3 April at the Lea Bridge Road Mosque to support our local muslim community and their right to leave without fear.

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