Saturday, 4 June 2011

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

  • Sunday 5 June attending the Wood Street Fun Day at Walthamstow Cricket Club
  • Tuesday 7 June leading a debate on heritage in Westminster Hall (see below) and also continuing to scrutinise the Finance Bill on the Public Bill Committee
  • Wednesday 8 June attending a rally in support of the campaign for a fairer deal for interns, meeting the Minister responsible for the Education Bill to discuss my concerns about its impact on children with Special Educational Needs (see below) and also participating in the Public Accounts Committee’s session on reducing the cost of 16-18 education
  • Thursday 9 June participating in the next two sessions of the Finance Bill Committee
  • Friday 10 June speaking at a conference on “The Informed Society” organised by Polis at the London School of Economics

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