Monday, 4 June 2012

Jennette to ask Boris about the Dog Track

From Jennette Arnold's newsletter this month (following her very successful GLA election campaign):

Walthamstow Stadium

I am continuing to fight for the best deal for Walthamstow residents following the decision of Waltham Forest Council to approve the L and Q plan for re-developing the historic stadium. I have been clear from the outset that this proposal does not offer the best deal for local residents and I have a number of serious concerns about the proposals.

 One concern is the lack of affordable housing. There will be no social rented provision and only 24 flats will be at “affordable rates” of rent. In the last few days I have written again to the mayor to ask him to consider this issue very carefully and to listen to the voices of local people. I am also deeply worried about the potential impact of the development in displacing water in the event of the River Lee bursting its banks. Given that a recent report stated that the Stadium was “an extreme hazard” and lies within a “significant” flood risk area I am asking the Mayor to look in detail at these issues in making his decision.

Back in the chair for 2012

I am privileged to have been elected to the position of Chair of the London Assembly once again. The assembly is a vital part of the accountability structure at City Hall.
The Assembly may not have the powers that some would wish it. But in the 12 years I have been a member of the Assembly that has never deterred us from scrutinising the Mayoralty and the bread and butter issues of crime, housing, employment, education and health.
Our enquiries open up City Hall on a daily basis so that Londoners can have a stake in the democratic process. In the last Assembly term we played a crucial role in examining policing after the riots and holding senior officers to account. On the Olympics the Assembly’s investigations into Olympic ticketing made national headlines. I am proud of what the Assembly has achieved.
The Mayor has significant new powers to address regeneration and housing need in the Capital. The Assembly will be watching closely to see that he delivers on his election promises to Londoners, and does so in an efficient and effective manner.

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