Friday, 21 June 2013

Jennette Arnold AM on 'Holding our rail operators to account' in Walthamstow

In her latest newsletter Jennette Arnold our London Assembly Member for NE London writes:


One of the big issues I have working on this month has been deficiencies in information provision at Walthamstow Central during engineering works. Whilst the works are important and we all want to see an upgraded and efficient railway network, rail operators have a clear obligation to keep passengers fully informed and publicise alternative travel arrangements.

I have heard complaints about a lack of available staff, no posters with replacement bus times and display screens asking passengers to await announcements and then no announcements being made.

This is completely unacceptable and I have written a letter of complaint to the Managing Director of Greater Anglia and will shortly be meeting Station Staff to discuss what measures will be taken to see that passengers are not abandoned again.

If you have experienced similar problems on main line rail services within North-East London then please contact me at

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