Monday, 10 June 2013

If you wish to stand as a Labour council candidate apply by June 28th

Selection2014 - News for Labour Party members interested in seeking election as Labour councillors in 2014

The local council elections are expected to be on May 22nd 2014, and coincide with the elections for the European Parliament. The local party in Waltham Forest is planning the selection process for party members who wish to be considered as candidates for seats in the borough. The Local Campaign Forum (LCF) has recently appointed Mike Smith as the Procedures Secretary who will organise this, and as the next step in this process Party members across the borough will shortly receive a letter from him - by email or post - inviting them to complete an application form and return it by June 28th.

Everyone who applies will then be called to interview to assess their suitability as potential Labour Candidates, and those who are judged suitable will be able to express an interest in which ward or wards they would like to be considered by. Later this year there will be a series of ward meetings which will invite interested potential candidates to seek selection by ward members as actual candidates for the ward in question. This is a challenging process which will test the skills and commitment of applicants, entirely in keeping with the actual demands of the role of councillor representing electors and residents in a ward. 

The role played by email and other electronic messaging in the work of a councillor is becoming very important, and the bulk of these letters will be sent electronically. If you do not have an email address, or are not very confident with sending and receiving emails you might consider finding ways of developing these skills, possibly with the help of friends or by enrolling on a course.

If you are a member of the Labour Party living within the  borough of Waltham Forest and you do not hear from Mike (by email or post) by June 21st you can email him directly at:

There is more information about the local council elections here.

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