Thursday, 18 July 2013

Walthamstow CLP Euro Hustings - July 25th

First of all a big 'welcome to Walthamstow' to all members who have joined recently - whether new party members or transfers from other CLPs. A recent update means we have a sizable number of new members locally. 

Our final event this month (after yesterday's sweltering KING SIZE QUIZ - jam packed at the Rose & Crown, despite the heat) is the all member GC(General Committee) meeting on Thursday 25th July at the CLP offices at 23 Orford Road in Walthamstow Village. The meeting starts at 8pm.
  • The main business of the meeting is an informal hustings for the London MEP candidates selections. 
All 6 of the new candidates will be joining us and this will be a chance for a 'question time' session to get to know more about them. No formal voting will take place in this session; there won't be a 'no latecomers' rule, but of course you wouldn't want to miss out on any of the debate! At the end of this post are links to the candidates' websites for more information.

Voting closes in the party's OMOV ballot on July 31st, so there is still time to vote, by post or online, after this meeting. If you haven't had your ballot papers (during early June) let me know and I'll try to find out what's happened. You can read more about the MEP selections process here.
  • The hustings question time will last about 90 minutes, and there is then a short session of more formal business, finishing by 10pm at the latest. 
This will be the last meeting before the summer break. The next will be in September. Members will have been sent an agenda and the minutes of the June meeting. Discussion is open to all members, but in voting only delegates may take part. If you're interested in becoming a delegate to the GC let me know.

The six newly nominated Labour Party candidates in London are
Clicking on each name links to the candidate's website.
Note there is also a separate ballot for the two sitting MEPs - Claude Moraes and Mary Honeyball

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