Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Update - Walthamstow CLP Leadership Nomination Meeting - August 11th

Following the court decision on Monday new advice has been received from the Labour Party. As a result the meeting of Walthamstow Labour Party to decide on a supporting nomination for the leadership election is now open to all fully paid up members who joined on or before 12th July this year. Members who joined after 12 July remain ineligible.

Members who joined between 13 January and 12 July had all been previously ruled as ineligible to attend this meeting (see the original post about this meeting). A message has been sent today to all of them inviting them to take part alongside those previously invited. In the circumstances of course it is not possible to give seven days notice, and the meeting has to take place by August 15th. All eligible members have therefore been notified by email. If you believe you are eligible but believe you have not had notification please first of all  . .
. . . check your email spam/junk folder.
If you still cannot find a notification please email.

Registered Supporters - Please note: registering as a supporter during the period 18-20 July gave entitlement to vote in the leadership postal ballot which opens on 22 August, but not in this supporting nomination ballot by the CLP [Constituency Labour Party].

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