Saturday, 27 August 2016

Brooke Road 'More in Common' & Play Street Sunday 4th September 3-5pm

A Brooke Road Labour party member writes: "The anti-racist organisation Hope Not Hate are organising a More In Common Weekend on 3rd & 4th September. The idea of the campaign is to highlight how much people from so many backgrounds have much more in common, than things that divide us. The idea is to encourage communities to come together, and the beauty is that in Walthamstow we already do this! On Brooke Road we recently saw this with how we responded to our flood. As part of the More in Common campaign Brooke Road residents are involved with 2 Community Events.

Brooke Road Play Street Sunday 4th September 3-5pm 

For 2 hours every Sunday in the Summer traffic along our road to restricted to resident access only and everyone on Brooke Road, and their neighbours, are invited to come out and reclaim our street from traffic and enjoy each other’s company. Kids can play together and adults can chat/clean their cars. Wherever people have come from and whatever our backgrounds are, once a month the community can meet up and get to know each other.

For those of us who regularly enjoy Play Street, none of this will be a surprise and our event will continue as normal. However, if you want to wear a football/sports shirt or indeed do anything to celebrate your cultural Heritage, it’s, as always, very welcome.

Manual Instruction Centre Community Clean-Up Day 10am – 4pm

The Manual Instruction Centre is at last being reclaimed by our Community. To help this happen the Friends of the Manual Instruction Centre are organising a Community Clean-Up Day. We really need some volunteers to help out. Equipment and refreshments will be provided and all are welcome to come along (and enjoy Play Street from 3pm). Any questions please contact Twitter @E17_MIC /

Welcome to Mini Holland Plant Beds - as part of the Manual Instruction Centre Clean-Up Day the new plant-beds in the traffic filter will need some planting." Email for more info

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