Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Walthamstow CLP Leadership Supporting Nomination Meeting - August 11th

This information has been updated here. The Walthamstow Labour Party leadership supporting nomination meeting takes place on Thursday August 11th starting at 8pm. Notice with full venue details has been sent to all eligible members, by email or post. Members in arrears have been separately notified. If you believe you're eligible but haven't had a notice first check your spam folder, and if not then email with full name and membership number.

There are two candidates standing in the Labour Leadership contest: Jeremy Corbyn MP and Owen Smith MP. More information about the candidates can be found here.

The nominations meeting will be conducted according to the guidelines sent out by the Labour Party General Secretary.  Eligibility to attend and participate in the meeting is restricted to those:
  • who were Labour party members on or before 12th January 2016.
  • whose membership address is within the constituency of Walthamstow 
  • whose membership fees are fully paid up
  • Only eligible members may attend the meeting. Registered or affiliated supporters will not be admitted unless they are also eligible party members.  
Arrears - if your membership renewal falls due between July 29th and August 11th you may then be in arrears. You can pay off arrears online or at the door before the meeting, or bring proof that you have already paid off arrears.
Note that to vote in the postal membership ballot:
arrears need to be paid off by August 8th.

Registered Supporters and ineligible members - Total Walthamstow Labour Party membership includes nearly 1000 members who are not eligible, having joined the party after 12th January. Registering as a supporter during the period 18-20 July gave entitlement to vote in the leadership postal ballot which opens on 22 August, but not in this supporting nomination ballot by the CLP [Constituency Labour Party]

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