Saturday, 13 August 2016

Walthamstow CLP Leadership Nomination Meeting - result

300+ eligible members casting their votes
Walthamstow CLP held an all member meeting last Thursday (August 11th) to decide a supporting nomination for the Labour Party leadership contest. It was at the Ghousia Community Centre in Grove Road, and was conducted in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Labour Party General Secretary, in the presence of two London Regional organisers.

More than 300 members attended, and all were checked for their eligibility to take part, in accordance with the guidelines; these had been updated following the court decision last Monday which extended the vote to members who joined between 13 January and 12 July this year (totalling roughly 2700 members) *

30 minutes were allowed for “Discussion of candidates’ qualities” after which the meeting moved to the ballot – a secret paper ballot.

The result of the ballot was the declaration of Jeremy Corbyn as nominee from Walthamstow CLP by 205 votes to 103.

*Although the Monday court decision was overturned at a higher court on Friday, under party guidelines the CLP nomination remains valid.

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