Sunday, 11 September 2016

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Sunday 11th September- attending Walthamstow Cricket Club Multi Faith Game at Greenaway Avenue. All Welcome 
  • Tuesday 13th September - supporting the Women for Refugee Women campaign evening to call for the closure of Yarlswood Detention Centre 
  • Thursday 15th September - helping campaign for the next Labour Mayor of Hackney in their Mayoral by-election. If you would like to join us please email
  • Friday 16th September - Visiting local premises in partnership with Waltham Forest 4 Dogs and supporting the Quiz for Calais Fundraiser. See below for more details. 
  • Saturday 17th September- meeting with volunteers from the Christian Kitchen which feeds our local homeless and holding a workshop to support women campaigners. 
  • Sunday 18th September- supporting the Curryoake to raise funds for Walthamstow's Nightshelter.

Dog Day Afternoon: Waltham Forest 4 Dogs Event Friday 16th September

Waltham Forest 4 Dogs is a local voluntary group of dog owners who have been working to support responsible dog ownership in our community and encourage Walthamstow to be a more dog friendly place. To support the great work done by this group in creating a database of businesses that welcome canine companions, on the early afternoon ofFriday 16th September I will be visiting different local dog friendly cafes and businesses involved in this scheme to encourage more to join - representatives of the Kennel Club will also be joining us to hear the views of local dog owners on dog control orders and to feature the work these volunteers in Walthamstow have been doing (plus they've promised to bring some goodies for local dog owners too!)

If you are a Walthamstow dog owner and interested in joining us next Friday please email my office to sign up .

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