Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Information about the Leadership Election on ballot papers and reissues

Leadership election ballot papers and reissues

The Labour Party has sent the following message to constituency party secretaries

"By now, over 99% of eligible electors have received their ballots, excepting a tiny number of more complicated cases where checks have taken longer than anticipated. 

Ballot reissues

If a member or supporter believes they have not received their ballot, email reissues can still be requested until 5pm on Monday 19 September. Reissues requested before 5pm on Monday 19 September will be dispatched by email by midnight Tuesday 20 September. The ballot closes at 12 noon on Wednesday 21 September and votes must be received by then to count. To be sure ballots arrive in time, it may be worth suggesting to people to go online to vote, which is possible even if people just receive a paper ballot.

The easiest way for members and supporters to request a reissue is by going to www.labour.org.uk/re-issue. They can also do this by calling 0345 092 2299 or by emailing: leadership2016@labour.org.uk.

Before requesting a reissue, please encourage members and supporters to double check their junk folder, search their inbox for an email from labourelections@electoralreform.co.uk with the subject line 'VOTE NOW: Labour Leadership Election' and add the email address to their contacts to stop it going to junk. Please also ask members and supporters to double check that the email address we hold for them is correct. You can do this for them by checking their record on MemberCentre.

Thank you once again for all your hard work and support throughout this process."

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