Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Triggering Article 50: Why I Won't Greenlight Theresa May's Destructive Brexit - Thursday 2nd Feb 6.30pm

In a message to party members today Stella Creasy MP writes: 

"Today Parliament began debating the law that will give the Prime Minister the power to trigger Article 50 and so Britain leaving the European Union. 

Given the high volume of correspondence I have been getting on this issue, this email is to update you all on what is happening and how you as a Walthamstow resident can have your say.

Despite asking us to give her the power to trigger Article 50, the Prime Minister still has not published a white paper to set out the details of the deal she will seek for Brexit. 

But what we do know as we debate this bill is that she intends for Britain to leave the single market and has rejected outright negotiations on this matter. 

The Referendum last year determined Britain should leave the EU. This legislation is our only opportunity to shape how this happens. 

Such a hard Brexit approach will not deliver the best or even a good deal for our country. That is why I will be voting against giving Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 in this way and have joined with other MPs to try to halt the progress of this bill because of our fears for the damage this form of Brexit could do to our economy and our country. 

Tomorrow- Wednesday 1st February –I will be speaking on this in Parliament at the 'Second Reading' of the Bill. With over 100 MPs also seeking to speak in the short time I will set out the priorities Walthamstow residents identified last Sunday at our community workshop. 

The top three areas were as follows: 
  • Securing maximum access to the single market, 
  • The status of EU citizens in the UK and 
  • Protection of employment rights.
If a majority of MPs vote for this bill at this ‘Second Reading’ it will then proceed into 'committee stage' where it can be amended. 

Please note that suggestions being distributed on the internet that voting against a bill at Second Reading means you cannot amend it at Committee Stage are completely false - indeed, as of today I have already co-signed 87 amendments with colleagues on this legislation.

After the Second Reading and ahead of any Committee Stage, I am holding another community workshop on Thursday 2nd February at 6.30-8pm in the Wood Street area to discuss the outcome of tomorrow’s debate and account for my actions to local residents and Labour members, as well as discuss what will happen next. 

If you would like to join this event on Thursday please RSVP for the full venue details to help us with the logistics by Wednesday evening and you will receive these details on Thursday morning. 

All Walthamstow residents are welcome - whether they voted to leave or remain in the EU- but please note these sessions are only for Walthamstow residents.

Thank you to everyone who came on Sunday and I look forward to continuing to work with you on Thursday as Walthamstow responds to this Government's plans for Brexit."

Stella Creasy MP
Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow
Don't forget - 
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  1. This is nonsense.

    The European Commission and every EU President (there are seven) has said they will not negotiate until we serve notice under Article 50. So we can't know what deal we're going to get, because we're not even in a negotiation.

    If we don't serve the notice, we'll be in an economic and constitutional limbo which will be be far more damaging to our country's interests than getting to a deal.