Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Stella Creasy MP - What's happening with Brexit & article 50?

This week Parliament continues debating the bill to give the Prime Minister the power to trigger Article 50 and so pursue her vision of Brexit – this is to update you on what has been happening and what will happen today. Many residents have written to me about possible changes or additions to this bill. 

Despite hundreds of pages of proposed amendments, given the short time available the Chair of the debate only allowed votes on the following eight amendments.
  • NC3 - Parliamentary oversight of negotiations
  • NC4 - The role of the Joint Ministerial Committee
  • NC26 - The role of the Joint Ministerial Committee
  • NC158 - Funding for Wales after Brexit
  • NC110 - The role of Parliament in approving any final deal
  • NC180 – EU membership if any deal is rejected
  • NC5 - Impact on future trade with EU
  • NC143 - Financial assessment of leaving the single market 

All of these proposals have been defeated by the Government. 

The Government have now agreed Parliament can vote on the final deal before the European Parliament does, but confirmed they will not continue to negotiate with the EU if Parliament votes against their proposals. 

This risks Britain falling back onto World Trade Organisation rules for trading with the EU if the deal falls through -you can watch my debate with Iain Duncan Smith MP on why this could cause problems

This makes such a vote not an opportunity, but an ultimatum. 

Today we expect to vote on measures around the rights of European Nationals currently living in the UK, single market access and security measures. There could also be further votes on issues such as membership of Euratom, visa free travel and ‘grandfathering’ EU trade deals (please note it is not confirmed what has been selected for debate at this point).

There are only five hours allocated for this discussion and at the end of this process there will be another final debate on the text of the bill – so expect the final votes in the House of Commons on this bill to begin around 8pm at the earliest.

Thank you for the thousands of messages I have now received about this bill and amendments – I hope residents can understand in such circumstances that I have chosen to try to keep everyone updated via these emails and that this above information is of interest. 

Stella Creasy MP
Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow

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