Sunday, 3 March 2019

Resolution originating in Walthamstow on treating misogyny as a hate crime

At London Labour Regional Conference today the following was resolved unanimously, following its proposal by Walthamstow Labour Party as a motion to the conference:

Conference Notes:
  1. A 2016 YouGov survey found that 52% of 18-24 year old women had experienced sexual harassment in the last five years and 92% never reported the incident.
  2. Office of National Statistics data from 2018 shows women are five times more likely than men to have experienced some type of sexual assault, including unwanted touching or indecent exposure, in the previous 12 months.
  3. The positive outcomes achieved for women when Nottinghamshire police started in 2016 recording crimes motivated by misogyny as a hate crime, including improving the way in which the police tackled all forms of violence and harassment of women.
  4. The importance of recognising the intersectional nature of abuse and harassment women from black and ethnic minority backgrounds experience on our streets and the lack of consistency currently in how protected characteristics such as race, religion, sex and sexuality are treated within the criminal justice system.
  5. Recording these incidents of harassment and assault as misogyny-based crime will provide a vital evidence base to empower police to respond to the experiences of Women.
Conference therefore Resolves:
  1. To call for London Metropolitan Police to follow the approach of Nottinghamshire police and record crimes involving misogynistic intent as a hate crime.
  2. To call for the Labour Party to support the inclusion of misogyny in hate crime legislation

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