Saturday, 21 September 2013

Where to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow this week

  • Saturday 21st September - speaking at a workshop organised by End Violence Against Women on tackling domestic violence in Brighton
  • Sunday 22nd September- speaking at the Movement for Change rally about Walthamtow's Sharkstoppers campaign, then the Progress Rally, Labourlist Rally and the Guardian 'Big Ideas' event at Labour Party Conference in Brighton 
  • Monday 23 September - speaking at the Intern Aware campaign event, the IPPR debate on Public Services and Innovation and the Smith Institute discussion on Personal debt in Brighton 
  • Tuesday 24 September - Speaking at the Amnesty International event on tackling violence against women, the British Institute of IT debate on cybercrime, the Fabian Society discussion of Ed Miliband's speech, the Cooperative Party meeting on personal debt and the IpSoS Mori debate on polling 
  • Wednesday 25 September- Speaking at the Counterpoint Discussion on UKIP and the Labour Student debate on legal loan sharking
  • Thursday 26th September- visiting the opening of the Eco-Gym at George Monoux College 
  • Saturday 28th September holding a drop in surgery for local residents at the Mall Shopping Centre 2-4pm. 

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