Friday, 27 March 2015

"General Election 2015 - Why I'm Asking For Your Support" Stella Creasy

As of Monday 30th March 2015, I am seeking re-election to be the Local Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow. I'm asking you to join me fighting for a better future for all in our community.

Walthamstow has so much to offer the world. The Tory led Government overlook the potential in people here, but for me it has been a privilege to serve our community these last five years. I’m standing for election again, determined to use my passion for social justice to fight for everyone here, so that everyone has the chance to succeed.

There is so much at stake at this election. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen not only our NHS under threat – but our local hospital too. Britain has suffered the greatest fall in living standards for a century. Personal debt has risen, leaving many stuck borrowing from high cost lenders to make ends meet. The Education Maintenance Allowance has been scrapped, tuition fees have tripled and apprenticeships have been pushed out of reach.  Extortionate fees and rents are forcing people out of our area or into overcrowded and damp housing.  

To change this, I believe we need a Labour Government - over the course of the coming weeks I'll be making the case to residents across Walthamstow about these issues and more during the election. Many residents have already sent me campaign emails and questions about policy issues which I will endeavour to respond to, and I am seeking to participate in as many hustings as I can. I will continue to produce these e-newsletter updates about our local area and the choice we face at the election as well as the issues being raised with me . 

If you would like to help my campaign, display a poster supporting me or attend my campaign launch this Sunday 29th March with Dame Tessa Jowell at 5pm please email me.
Best wishes

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