Friday, 3 June 2016

Labour Party Conference 25-28 September 2016

  • Leadership Special Conference 24 September - venue tba [not Liverpool]
  • The Labour Party Conference runs from 25-28 September, and is in Liverpool this year. 
  • The LP national Women's Conference takes place in the same venue, on Saturday 24th, and is open to all women members. 
  • The CLP elected its 8 delegates at the May GC from nominations submitted by branches.
Conference Passes

All CLP members are entitled to apply for a conference pass, and various categories of non-member can also apply. More information on categories etc is available here.

Passes for members
If you are interested in going to conference as a member you need to apply for a pass by August 5th, after which there is an additional charge. Passes cost from £29 per day, or £51 for access to the Conference Hall.

As part of the application process members need to supply a countersignatory. If you wish the CLP secretary to be your countersignatory email here, ensuring you provide your Labour Party membership number from your membership card. The simplest way to apply for a pass is online, but it's helpful to have the printable form for reference as it gives you all prices, requirements etc before you start the registration process. A printable copy can be downloaded here: 

Because of the increased party membership accommodation at Conference will be in high demand. There are various options:
  • Conference Services can arrange accommodation and provide lists. Contact Conference Services to discuss hotel options to suit you on 0345 092 3311, or 0151 600 2994, or email:
  • Alternatively contact Trust Reservations, for a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. They can be contacted on 01753 841 666 or
  • Or try air bnb

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