Friday, 2 September 2016

Stella Creasy MP: "We can’t abandon refugee children – and that includes us, the politicians"

Writing in The Guardian online about the Calais Refugee camp Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow says:

"The unaccompanied children at the Calais camp are just a fraction of the people fleeing violence worldwide. The UK must do more to help them . . . . .

When parliament passed the Alf Dubs amendment to help child refugees in April this year we trusted the government to put it into practice. But not a single child has yet come here under its auspices. When parliament returns on Monday we will table further new legislation to make good on our pledges and try to get these kids out of the camps by Christmas. Because all of us can do more to help those running from terror in their home nations than just shout at the sky – and that includes us, the politicians."

As part of a group from the constituency she is off to the Calais refugee camp this weekend delivering cars full of clothes and following others who have taken food to the camps. They all know that however well-intentioned such actions are, nevertheless they are like "shouting at the wind to stop blowing."

Full article here

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