Friday, 22 May 2015


Although the London Mayoral candidate selection process has now been completed (scroll down for results) there are still steps to complete in choosing candidates for the London wide list for the GLA

London wide list for GLA Selection timetable:
  • 28 May applications close
  • 30 May Selection board consider cvs and make initial interview list
  • June - interviews
  • 27 June - longlist
  • July - target seat selections start (Walthamstow is part of London NE constituency, for which Jennette Arnold has already been re-selected, so is not involved in this process; if you want details on this email
  • 31 October - interviews of sitting London wide list members
  • 1 November - interview remaining panel members
  • 4 November - London wide list candidates finalised

Results of the London Mayoral selection:

Sadiq Khan has been selected as Labour’s candidate for London Mayor. There were six candidates in the election, and Khan won on the fifth round of voting. Turnout by section was: Members 81%, Registered Supporters 92%, Affiliated Supporters 45%. Full details of the five rounds of voting are on the LabourList page here

Elections for the Greater London Assembly (GLA), and the London Mayor take place in 2016. Labour's Mayoral Candidate has been decided and announced on September 11th; the process for candidates for Labour's target GLA constituency seats and London wide list of the GLA is still underway (see below).

London Mayoral Selection timetable:
  • From 7 May 2015 - supporters in London invited to register. Affiliated supporters (political levy-paying members of affiliated trade unions) pay nothing, registered supporters (all others) pay a minimum of £3.
  • 13 to 20 May 2015 - applications accepted
  • 20 May to 10 June 2015 – nomination period. Affiliated supporters as well as members must be invited to nomination meetings, and constituencies making nominations must include at least one woman. Candidates require at least five constituency nominations to go forward.
  • 4 June - Walthamstow CLP decides its nominations; two can be submitted, at least one being a woman. This process is open to all members and affiliated supporters living in the constituency. Registered supporters will be able to take part in the final ballot - see below.
  • 12 June 2015 - selection committee longlists
  • 15 June 2015 - selection committee shortlists
  • 17 June 2015 onwards - hustings
  • 12 August 2015 - last date to: register as supporter, register as affiliated supporter, or join the Labour Party in London, in order to qualify for the ballot.
  • 14 August to 10 September 2015 (was 1 to 29 July 2015) - ballot of all members, affiliated supporters and registered supporters living in London
  • 11 September 2015 (was 31 July) - declaration of result - Labour's candidate for the London Mayoral election in 2016

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