Friday, 15 May 2015

The Leadership and Deputy election processes

Labour Party leadership results page

(London Mayoral Results & GLA Selection timetable HERE)

This is the schedule for the election process to choose the next Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party:

Friday 15 May
Election Period Opens
Monday 8 June 
PLP Nomination Hustings for Leader
Tuesday 9 June
PLP Nomination Hustings for Deputy Leader
Tuesday 9 June
PLP Nominations Open
12pm Monday 15 June
PLP Nominations (Leader) Close
12pm  Wednesday 17 June
PLP Nominations (Deputy Leader) Close
Wednesday 17 June
Hustings period opens
12pm Friday 31 July
Supporting Nominations Close
12pm Wednesday 12 August
Last date to join as member, affiliated
supporter, or registered supporter
Friday 14 August 
Ballot mailing despatched
12pm Thursday 10 September
Ballot closes
Saturday 12 September 
Special conference to announce result

These guidelines have been provided for Labour Party members:

  • You have one vote to cast for your choice of Leader and another for Deputy Leader
  • This election will be held on a one-person-one-vote basis. Three sets of people can vote:
                            * Labour Party members
                            * Affiliated supporters — people who signed up as a Labour Party supporter
                                                through one of our affiliated organisations or unions
                            * Registered supporters — people who registered that they support the Labour 
                                                Party by signing up online and paying a one-off minimum fee of £3
  • The nomination process will start on 15 May
  • Anyone that wants to be a candidate for the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Labour party needs to be nominated by 35 MPs.
  • MPs can nominate their preferred candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader from 9 June; track the progress of each candidate at [updated at 12.30pm and 5.30pm each day]. Nominations close on 15 June (Leader) and 17 June (Deputy Leader).
  • More information soon on how CLPs can make a supporting nomination.
  • From early June, the names and bios of MPs putting themselves forward for nomination will be hosted on our website at

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