Monday, 20 June 2016

EU Remain campaigning schedule this week

A small number of votes could decide the outcome of this referendum either way, so your help in making the positive case for Britain to remain in Europe in our community could make all the difference. This week we are focusing on three key tasks- leafleting, speaking to people door to door and polling day itself.If you can help with any of these tasks please reply to this email. You can also join us at the following times to campaign:
Monday 20th June
  • Collecting leaflets to deliver in your street between 5-7pm Walthamstow Labour Party offices 23 Orford Road.
  • Leafleting outside Wood Street Station 7.30am- contact Munish. 
  • Canvassing with Stella Creasy MP - meet 6.30pm Walthamstow Central Station outside Costa Coffee.
  • Canvassing - meet 6.30pm corner of Markhouse and Lea Bridge and contact is Tim. 

Tuesday 21st June
  • Leafleting outside Walthamstow Central Station 7.30am Costa Coffee entrance- contact Thomas or Carl.
  • Leafleting outside St James St Station 7.30am – contact is Munish.
  • Leafleting outside Walthamstow Central Station 5pm Costa Coffee entrance – contact Munish or Thomas.
  • Canvassing with Stella Creasy MP – meet 3.30pm the corner of Winns Avenue and Holmes Avenue
  • Canvassing with Stella Creasy MP – meet 6.30pm 23 Orford Road
Wednesday 22nd June
  • Leafleting outside Walthamstow Central from 7.30am – contact James.
  • Leafleting outside Wood Street Station from 7.30am- contact Liz.
  • Leafleting outside Blackhorse Road Station from 7.30am – contact Munish and Carl.
  • Leafleting outside Wood Street Overground Station from 5pm- contact Thomas.
  • Leafleting outside Blackhorse Road Station from 5pm- contact Tim.
  • Leafleting outside Walthamstow Central Station from 5pm- contact Tom.
If you are able to spare any time on the day of the referendum itself please reply to this email to let us know and what times you can help out - so too, more campaigning sessions will be added to this schedule in the next day so please keep an eye out for the next update.
Thank you for being part of our work to keep Britain in the European Union- with jobs, rights at work, national security, action on climate change and international development at stake, it is vital Walthamstow makes an informed decision. Any time that you can give to being part of this campaign is greatly appreciated! 
Kind regards
Stella Creasy, Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow 
p.s. If you have any questions or concerns about the referendum please email! 

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